A Weekend as a Lighting Designer: Thursday Update

This week has been full of reminiscing on the “good ol’ college days.” My friend Ryan (Currently with Lehrer Dance in Buffalo), came in for a night and a few of the UA Chicago people got together for a few drinks (or shots…) and caught up. Now keep in mind that that these guys all graduated in 2013 and I haven’t seen them all together since they graduated. I felt like a freshman hanging out with the cool upperclassmen hahaha. It was a solid night with good laughs and good stories.

The second time I had a college flash back was just last night. We were having our technical rehearsal for WITHIN and I was trying to figure out how all the lights worked. Somehow along the way I volunteered to call the lights for the show with Visceral’s Artistic Associate, Cheryl Mann. Neither of us have EVER called lights for a show, but after this weekend we will definitely be adding it to our resumes. I can see it now, “Brandon Coleman: Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, and Lighting Designer.”

This situation brought me back to the stories my professors would tell at UA during class. I’d love listening to these stories that always started with “back when I was dancing with so-and-so Dance Company…” They would then proceed to talk about how they would have to do all the tech themselves and use what whatever was at hand. The whole situation made me laugh. I see myself 20 years from now telling my students “when I was with Visceral Dance Chicago…”

This upcoming week is going to be fun! WITHIN runs this Thursday through Saturday at Visceral Dance Center and then I am off contract with Visceral until January. However, I’m predicting an exciting end to 2015 so look out for a new post next Thursday.

ALSO… I’m someone who is inspired by the people around me. I learn from watching my peers or having conversations with people I respect/ look up to. For that reason, I want to share these experiences and people with the world.

Things I learned from Friends: Logan Stoneman [Founder of Logstone.co]

The Logan Stoneman 100 mile rule: Logan is a good friend of mine from UA who is also my big in SOPHOS (a club I joined my sophomore year of college). He’s one of those people that others describe as “such a great guy” and “dude has his shit together.” We all know this person. But Logan taught me a lot about the importance of maintain relationships and one of his guidelines is the 100 mile rule. This basically says, if a friend is within a 100 mile radius, you make an effort to see them. Ryan is actually a guest artist at Hope College this week in Michigan so it was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with him in Chi town. It was one night where I didn’t work at Dimos, or sub a dance class (aka. didn’t make that check), but it added so much value to my week that I wouldn’t have gotten from a check.

Logan and I in Aug. 2013- Tucson

Logan and I in Aug. 2013- Tucson