“ Brandon’s class has taken me out of my comfort zone. He makes me see things in myself that I did not know were there, and challenges me to push one step further. I can always count on him to put on an amazing class whether it being an emotional contemporary or an uplifting jazz.”
— Karsen G., Student
“Brandon’s class is one of my favorites to take and participate in. He is an extremely educated teacher, always fusing creative movement while keeping your body safe and uninjured. His knowledge of the human body as well as his history of performing numerous works himself glows throughout his teaching. You are completely inspired to match his quality but are also urged to make your own choices as an artist with his choreogrpahy. As a professional dancer myself, I tend to be extremely picky with the class and teachers I take from. The purpose is for me to improve and challenge myself as a mover and his class does just that.”
— Alexandra Y., Artist with Cirque du Soleil
“As a dance studio owner, working with Brandon Coleman has been an incredible experience. He inspires our students with his beautiful choreography and his passion for dance. Coleman is an educated professional and a true artist. He builds relationships with his students, is wonderful with parents, and is great at communicating his services during booking. We have worked with Brandon since 2013, and will continue to do so. “
— Rachael Reyes, Owner and Artistic Director, Studio One Arizona Dance Company
“My daughter has had a lot of dance teachers over the years, and Brandon stands out as one she has really enjoyed. She always seems to come out of his classes with a renewed love of dance. His passion really shows and it’s obvious he wants to pass that along to his students.”
— Megan P, Dance Mom
“My daughter Abby who’s at Point Park University has taken Brandon’s classes as a drop in at Visceral Dance Center. Brandon is such an inspiring, positive young teacher and dancer! As a dance mom, I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter dance since the age of 3. What Brandon does for his students fills their heart with joy! I can truly say his personality, choreography and encouragement makes the dancer feel special.”
— Melina M., Dance Mom