You Can't Go Wrong with a Cocktail Hour: Thursday Update

Vacations never do what I think they will do. I’m over here thinking that my two days off are going to be filled with nothing but things to recharge my batteries. In reality, I’m doing just as much (if not more) activity as I would be if I weren’t on “vacation.” Then again how mad can I be. I got to spend the last two days in Frankfort, IL visiting with my brother Dan, my friend Kelsey (currently with Odyssey Dance Theatre in SLC), and her family. They had a beautiful series of Thanksgiving events: cocktail hours, food, and another cocktail hour…some more food… I guess it was a lot of the same, but you could not beat the company. Really grateful to have such a beautiful and kind family welcome me in as one of their own. Now that my family is spread across the US (and Ireland), it’s nice to have a family atmosphere around the holidays.

Before these great thanksgiving memories happed, I crossed some pretty big milestones in my professional career. My debut as “Boy with Flag” last weekend in Day of the Gypsy, went over super well. My one eight count sprint across the Harris Theatre stage could not have gone better. Still waiting on my personal reviews, but I’m sure they’ll start coming in soon enough…

Two wonderful items came in the mail this week. First, my “house mum” during my time in Denver last summer, Ms. Sue, sent her Sheppard’s pie recipe. If you ever had the opportunity to try this meal, you would understand my excitement. Second, I got some furniture people. But not just any furniture. Two beautiful counter stools (one of which I’m currently sitting on) in my kitchen. This means that I no longer need to eat my meals standing up or on my futon. Finding the little pleasure of life.

I’ve been hitting up a lot of ballet classes lately in preparation for the Ruth Page Nutcracker (which premiers next weekend!) and feeling good about how my technique is progressing during this “off season” from Visceral. I think having this new focus and challenge is really inspiring me. Every once in a while it’s good to have a change of pace and scenery to keep the passion alive.

This next week is going to be great. Why you ask? Well to put it simply in one word, Yonk. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Alex Yonkovich is heading to my new city for a visit. My heart is happy. After seeing Danny and Kelsey this weekend, and now getting Alex here for a few days, I’m afraid I’m going to be spoiled… right now, I’m not mad at it.

New blog on Tuesday! I have some thoughts on this idea of age and experiences that I’m excited to share with you/ get your thoughts on.

The Walsh Clan and I this weekend. Ideal people.

The Walsh Clan and I this weekend. Ideal people.