“SETLIST” with Gallim and Belinda McGuire

I’ve been working with choreographer Belinda McGuire for the past month on a new work in progress. Last night we showed the progress of a duet Belinda created at “SETLIST,” an informal showing hosted by Gallim in NYC. We shared the night with the company an other artist creating new works in the Gallim community.

I met Belinda during my time at Springboard Danse Montreal in 2016. I had such a blast reconnecting with her in the studio and hopefully continuing the process later on!


Summer Teaching Tour 2018

Photo by Chris Scott

Photo by Chris Scott

This summer is going to be CRAZY (in an incredible way of course)!! I'm looking forward to reconnect with students and studios I have worked with in the past but also starting new relationships with dancers all over the US and Canada. I still have some availability in the cities listed above for choreography or teaching. Please reach out via email or Instagram with all booking inquiries.

Dance at the Gym with K+C

In less than two weeks, Keigwin + Co will be hosting a community engagement event called Dance at the Gym. This program is a week long project that combines NYC based dancers with nyc based community members. Over the course of the week Larry will create an original piece to Leonard Bernstein's iconic score from West Side Story, Dance at the Gym.

I will be participating in the event as a chorographic assistant to Larry and performing in the new work at the end of the week. Creating more events to get the community involved in dance has been a greater focus for me since joining K+C and this is an incredible opportunity for me (and any other NYC based artist) to gain more experience in community outreach programing. 


Post K+C Celebrates Bernstein | First Leg


Home from the first leg of K+C Celebrates Bernstein and what an adventure it has been! Three weeks. Six Shows. Two school shows. Three master classes. And so many good stories. This was my first full tour of my professional career and could not have asked for a better experience. The theaters and audience members made us feel so welcome and appreciated. I got to see friends and family in almost every city from LA to Denver. However, I loved getting to know the Rapid City, SD community. I didn’t think of this area as a place where dance could thrive but these people LOVE dance and appreciate it for all it is.

After that particular show, I went into the lobby to thank our promoters for bringing us in and met the sweetest little boy. He looked like a mini Bruno Mars complete with stylish hat and bow tie. He asked me for my autograph and his mom told me that he wanted to be a professional dancer when he grew up too. It was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life as a performer. I want to inspire kids, especially young boys, to find a love for dance encourage them to follow their passions too.

Overall this tour reminded me of how lucky I am to do what I love. I’m coming onto my 3 year anniversary as a professional and feeling grateful and inspired to continue on this journey. I’m back in NYC for a little downtime BUT it won’t last long… heading back to Houston in a couple weeks to teach again.


Whats up in 2018 (so far...)

Keigwin + Company rehearsal shot by  Cole Witter

Keigwin + Company rehearsal shot by Cole Witter

I haven’t written an udate post in a while and so much has happened over the past month so…..

I am so excited to be back in New York and working with Keigwin +Co. HOWEVER, earlier this year, my good friend Owen Scarlett and I drove from Newark, NJ to LA California on a three week teaching tour across America. We stayed with our friends across the country and taught as we went. I loved getting to see good friends (some of which have been in my life over a decade) and students I haven't seen in years. I've learned and taken away so much over that three weeks journey and wanted to share a couple with you...

First, dancers are incredible and they are creating great work anywhere and everywhere. I’ve had this idea in my head that you can only be a successful dancer if you live in Chicago, New York, or LA. I am SOOO wrong. The work people are creating in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Nashville is incredible. These dance artists are bringing dance to people who haven’t been smacked in the face with dance performances and are manifesting incredible lives for themselves. They’ve inspired me more than they know.

Contemporary Class at MetDance

Contemporary Class at MetDance

The other thought I’ve taken away is how incredible my dance studio families are. Seeing so many familiar faces at MetDance, Studio One AZ, and Artifact Dance Project studios made the whole trip worthwhile. They were all beautiful reunions that reminded me of how far I have come as a teacher, but more so how far the students I have taught over the past decade have come.

Aside from that, I am grateful for Millennium Dance Complex Las Vegas and Live Arts LA for taking a chance on me and allowing me to teach a pop up class. I have never taught there prior to this trip and they both welcomed me in as one of their own.


Special thanks to Owen, John and Cody, Elisa and Glena, James, Mom, Marlana, Yonk, Gianni, Belle, Drew, Christie, Rachael, the Beatles Love crew, Ashley and Claire, Met toos, and everyone else who touched my heart on this trip.

Contemporary class with Studio One Dance AZ

Contemporary class with Studio One Dance AZ

So whats next…?. I’m currently in NYC rehearsing for K+C Celebrates Bernstein! We leave for tour in less than a week and will be coming to California, Colorado, and South Dakota in the coming weeks! Click here for the full details and tour dates.

New Interview with DancerMusic.com

Photo by Quinn Wharton

Photo by Quinn Wharton

"Forward and Interview by DancerMusic’s Kristi Licera:

When I was in college, the announcement board outside of the dance studios was covered in audition flyers for companies all over the country and beyond. Like many college students, I envisioned myself as part of a renowned dance ensemble, busily creating new works and touring around the globe. The vision I had of myself was so clear that I did not take much time to think of another, incredibly viable career alternative: being a freelance artist. While freelancing may not provide the stability that a full-time company can, it has a world of benefits all its own that many professional dancers will experience at some point in their career. For dance artist Brandon Coleman, the transition from full-time company dancer to freelance artist also came with a change of environment – a move from Chicago to New York City. I caught up with Brandon as he and fellow former Visceral Dance Chicago dancer Owen Scarlett toured the states on a self-booked teaching tour. Read on to learn more about Brandon’s journey and how some big changes have ignited a new chapter in his career:"

Check out the rest of the Interview HERE



Performing with the Cambrians!

Over the past four months, I've been commuting between Chicago and NYC and working with two incredible companies. Next week, I'll be performing in a self choreographed preshow solo for "Chicago Dances," presented by The Cambrians. While working with this company, I've been covering pieces by Shannon Alvis, Kevin Iega Jeff, and Ahmad Simmons. I've had to learn each dancers track and stand in for them in a few times during the rehearsal process. It's definitely been a challenge but I'm excited to be a part of this show.

Head to thecambrians.com for ticket info and show times!

Photo by Ben Wardell

Photo by Ben Wardell

Winter 2018 US Teaching Tour

My friend (as well as Founder/Owner of Owen Scarlett Productions) is moving to Los Angeles in January and asked me to tag along on the cross country road trip. As a part of that road trip I will be teaching a series of classes in each city we pass through Starting in Pittsburgh and ending in Los Angeles. 9 cities in 20 days! Along the way we will also be making a short documentary about our travels and the people we meet along the way. Excited for the new adventure.

Winter US teaching tour Finals.jpg

Launching BACKtrackDANCE!

The end of 2017 is VERY exciting for me... for the past month I've been working on a new video series I'm calling BACKtrackDANCE. Basically its 9 short videos (all around 2minutes or less) that have all been reversed and set to music. The project has taken some planning and scheduling but the actual choreographing/structuring and editing all takes under and hour to put together. However, this project has cost me a couple $$, some MTA passes, a couple slices of pizza, a bedframe, one rain poncho, and 9 songs on iTunes. However, Ive really enjoyed working with my friends and colleagues on this project. Each video will premier on consecutive Wednesday nights between November 1 and December 27th, Look out for them!!

From the BACKtrackDANCE promo. The nine NYC/Chicago based soloist that will be featured from November 1 to December 27.

From the BACKtrackDANCE promo. The nine NYC/Chicago based soloist that will be featured from November 1 to December 27.

Living in Two Cities

Photo by Isaac Aoki

Photo by Isaac Aoki

Since Houston, I've been traveling pretty regularly between NYC and Chicago. I became an apprentice with a project based company in Chicago called the Cambrians and continued to rehearse with Keigwin in NYC. Its been great working in Chicago because there are a handful of choreographers who the Cambrians are working with this season that I didn't get the opportunity to work with while I lived in Chicago. I also reconnected with Alberto Arias and the drag circuit while I was in town which I have really been missing. I'm not back in NYC for the next month and working on getting more established here but before I left Chicago, I worked with Brendan Fernandes again for his work Art by SnapChat at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Ill be in NYC until November 17 and then I am heading back to Chicago for another process with the Cambrians. Living on air mattresses and out of small duffle bags isn't my idea of glamorous but I'm excited about the work I get to right now. I feel like I'm right where I need to be.

Hello for Lake Placid, New York!

About to finish up my first week with Keigwin +Co in upstate NY. We are currently in the process of creating two new works and restaging three existing works for our tour in 2018. One of the works we are creating is a duet between Kacie Boblitt (another UA grad and Becky's Academy of Dance Alumni) and myself. This dance world is so small! Posting MANY picture and video updates on my Instagram (@_BrandonColeman). Check it out!

Photo courtesy of Keigwin + Co

Photo courtesy of Keigwin + Co